What are augmented reality games?

Augmented Reality gaming (AR gaming) is the integration of virtual and audio effect with the user’s environment in real time. It uses the user’s existing environment and creates the game field from it. The games can be as simple as chess played on a table surface up to building the actual gaming environment from the user’s surroundings. It keeps the game interesting because of the diversity of the real-world playing field. Most often, players already know how to play a game because the playing field is already known, but with AR things are all surprised because of the different playing field users can have.

Video game companies see this opportunity and immediately adopted the technology to create games that are more reality like.  AR gaming creates a new situation wherein the players will not be able to tell the visual from the reality. It adds intense to graphics and audio. There are numbers of AR games for PCs and mobile phones, but more gamers opted to use consoles for betting gaming experience. Playstation and Wii are offering AR games. Most of their games require lots of movements and actions.

One example is the Nintendo 3DS AR Card. It works by placing an AR Card on a flat surface and looking at it through the Nintendo 3DS. A yellow box will appear on the top of the card. The main goal of the game is to hit the main target. Objects to be targeted will appear on the screen in the scene in front of the gamer. Moving around the scene will let the gamer find something new and will also let him/her find the hidden target.

Unlike PCs and consoles, there are many AR gaming apps for mobile phones mainly because a mobile phone has everything – from camera and GPS to gesture sensor. One great example of AR game for mobile phones is the Pokemon GO by Niantic. It is considered as a breakthrough AR app for gaming. It is downloaded by millions of users around the world and went viral. It uses AR technology which allows users to catch Pokemons like Picachu, Charizard, Snorlax and many more, by searching near and far their real environment. It is amazing how users can catch Pokemons in their own room, bathroom, cafeteria, malls, museums and wherever they are. The game requires connection to the internet and the GPS should be enabled to obtain accurate location information. While the main reason why this game went viral is its AR technology experience, the health benefits a user can get from playing also add to the reasons why. Users should walk meters from where they are to the location of the Pokemons to catch them.

AR technology is also being used in online casinos. Online gamblers need to wear reality eyewear when playing online casino to experienced the environment. This feature is being enjoyed by online gamblers nowadays. They see the online dealer live.  Future tweaks will be added to the reality eyewear like 360 degree camera technology and incorporation of speaker and microphone that will allow the user to hear and speak live. This is the end mark of the days of online gambling thru computers and websites.

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