How to do augmented reality on iPhone x?

Apple goes all-in on Augmented Reality (AR) with iPhone X. iPhone X comes installed with ARKit which is one of its really cool features. ARKit is Apple’s framework for AR games and reality apps. It is part of iOS 11 but will be upgrading in the upcoming iOS 12. At this year’s WWDC 2018, Apple announced that they are preparing to launch its newest version, ARKit 2.0, which is expected to be cooler than the ARKit 1. But before the launching of ARKit 2.0, let us take a look at how AR works on iPhone X.  Although, Apple doesn’t always the first one to introduce new technology invention, but when they do, they always deliver them with perfection. And this is something we can see in ARKit.

  1. You can measure things thru AR app. 

Unlike Google Project Tango, that requires special camera array with dual cameras and an IR transmitter, ARKit doesn’t require these requirements. AR app uses iPhone camera to map out the environment, or a face. It recognizes flat surface, walls, floors, geometry of faces, hair, and so on.  It uses its motion detector to track and detect point-to-point end of things. Basically, when you are measuring an area, all you have to do is drag a line to a specific point, tap the screen to create a point, drag again to make another line, tap to make another point and so on. AR will going to measure the space you created.

  1. Create your own learning environment right in your own room. 

If your lesson is about the solar system, you can launch a 3D solar system right in your room. You can walk through them, move around, examine each planet while they are spinning on their orbits, and even go near the sun. You can also drop an airplane or a dinosaur right in front of you and examine them. AR is clearly making its value in the educational sector.

  1. Use sound in 3D space using AR. 

When you walk around with your iPhone X and start talking, AR makes an audio wave in 3D space that you can see on the device and can get back onto. You can actually see how the sound wave of your voice enlarge and go small as you talk into the space.

  1. Play simple and high-end AR games. 

You can play board games like chess and tic-tac-toe, anywhere as long as there is a flat surface. You can play games where you can see real-time physiques, motions, things falling down, etc. You can even follow the characters where they were heading but make sure you know your way because you might just go through a wall or steel. Another game you will probably love is the PacMan. Yes, it is available in ARKit and you can play it anytime, anywhere.

  1. Change the color of your car, furniture and even your hair.

AR makes you visualize something without even actually having it. You can change the color of your car if you want it to be repainted but not sure with what color. You can also change the hair color to see which color fits your skin before heading to the salon.

  1. Use AR when shopping

This is a very cool feature of AR. When you are trying to decorate and you can’t decide whether what furniture you are going to purchase, just use AR. Point your iPhone camera on a space, select a furniture, and see if it actually works in your home. You can also change the spec of the furniture according to your home’s space.

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