How Virtual Reality will help long distance relationships

Being in a long distance relationship can be very complicated and stressful. Particularly since it takes intimacy and sex out of the equation. Not being able to touch someone or share intimate moments with them can be difficult. Yet it is something which multitudes of individuals far apart from each other, go through daily. In certain instances, the people become separated after being together for a while. On the other hand, one of the two people in the relationship may have to go away for work, school or something else. Others simply meet each other while living long distances away. Whatever the case may be, the one thing which makes long distances the hardest is not being able to see, touch and feel the other person. And the inability to have sex with them.

The truth is that long-distance relationships tend to prove or disprove how strong the love between two people is. While it may bring some closer together, it can also tear others apart. It can end up in disaster such as one or both people cheating. In the past, for millions going through this scenario, one of the answers was pornography. They relied on sexually explicit images to arouse them and help them play with themselves. Hardcore porn videos also proved useful when it came to finding sexual release due to lack of sex. In addition, many people used pornography, combined with phone sex.

The sex videos and sex pictures used could be any found online. Or it could have been of sex acts which took place between the two before they were separated. Either way, phone sex allowed the two to engage in sex; albeit through dirty talking, imagination and masturbation. Thanks to advances in technology, video calling became available. It was something people turned to instead of phone sex. There are also video sex via webcams people can use. Although not the same as actual physical sex, it was much better than phone sex. It allowed one to see the other person while they talked and played with themselves.

Fast forward to today and there is something much better which has come along. This ground breaking method is changing long-distance relationships and sex altogether. Virtual reality is the new tool being used to help individuals living far apart from the other. More so, when it comes to sexual relations and intimacy. Millions of people all over the world in long-distance relationships are using virtual reality to help bring them closer together. VR also aids them in finding some form of intimacy and love. There are VR games, apps and VR porn videos made specifically for people in these situations. You also have social media platforms such as Facebook Spaces. Many of them have been in place for a while. They are part of the tools people use when meeting, sexting and chatting online.

The entire virtual reality capability is assisting couples in finding sexual release in several ways. Using imaginary realms which mimic reality, the two can engage in sexual acts unlike anything in the past. VR lets people interact with one another or join others as well. The couple can immerse themselves into all types of sexually related sex scenes. Some of the virtual reality porn scenes are great for role-playing. They also let individuals carry out sexual fantasies. If that wasn’t enough, you can even jump into an orgy taking place in a VR porn world.


For couples who may have fetishes and never explored them, VR lets them do so. Their kinks can also be brought to life, even if only in a virtual world. Still, the most important aspect of all this, is the intimacy. Via haptic suits for example, couples can actually feel as if they are touching each other. It makes virtual sex seem real. One can compare it to almost being there to an extent. Some couples who have tried virtual reality sex, often mention how realistic the experience was and is for them. The imaginary act of touching your lover’s face or part in his or her body is priceless. Individuals can touch the other’s breast and pussy. The woman can touch the penis and imagine that she is virtually sucking it or jerking him off.

Overall, there are many things which make VR so useful for people; not just those who are in long-distance relationships. It helps explain why so much VR porn and VR sex apps are found online today.  Some believe it is the what may take the internet to the next level as far as connecting people. The alternate reality found in VR, can be a very powerful tool for anyone. But, it can be a relationship saving method for those who are far away from the other.